Himalayan Salt Lamp Cords (6ft) with Dimmer Switch


  • ① [ Unique light source ]:The cord comes withs was 25 Watt E12 Socket light bulbs 【 We found some 25 Watt Bulb packaged with wrong box marked,please be assured that the bulb is 25 watt,actual wattage are marked on the socket 】,light source is warm,it will emit a orange color when it lit
  • ② [ Dimmer switch ]:Original Cord with Dimmer switch that can help you control the brightness of the lamp
  • ③ [ Safety to use ]: The cord are UL certified standard cord,it would be a perfect replacement cord for your crystal salt lamp
  • ④ [ Perfect replacement cord ]:Cord designed especially to himalayan salt lamps can also be used for other lamp
  • ⑤[ Base assembly design ]: Base assembly design makes your lamp more stable,it also has a fit a range of hole diameters,also applies to our various types of salt lamps


1.Comes with base assembly,this base is 3.35 inches in diameter,it is more compact for salt rock lamp

2.Some salt lamp is too bright at night and disturbed you to sleep,this cord has a dimmer knob that turns making it a breeze to adjust the ambiance of your bedroom with a simple turn of the knob. It allows you to run your salt lamp low enough that it doesn’t interrupt sleep,so it is customized

3.This plugged is very easy installation,it has butterfly clip design,so it can fixed at the hole of salt lamp wooden base

4.With 6 25w E12 replacement light bulbs,some customer said that the light bulb would be broken after longtime use,so it comes with 6 replacement bulbs so that make you lamps continue to use

5.UL approval plug,our cord has UL certification

6.Dimension:This base and the light bulb holder height 2.16in, and the diameter of light bulb holder is 1.02in;The cord length 6ft



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